Angela Forman

Angela Forman held the position of Area Manager, AISH/BFE at the Human Services in 2016 and received an annual salary of $128,572.08 as per the records provided by the Government of Alberta.

Year: 2016

Salary: $128,572.08

Position: Area Manager, AISH/BFE

Employer: Human Services

Category of Employment: Senior Manager Zone 2

Source: Alberta's Sunshine List

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Salary History

Year Salary Benefits Raise Position Employer Severance Non Cash
2016 $128,572.08 $0.00 N/A Area Manager, AISH/BFE Human Services $0.00 $37,213.51
  • Top Salaries at Human Services in the 2016 Sunshine List
  • Deputy Minister Human Services
  • Senior Operating Officer
  • ADM-Strategic Tech/Data Integr
  • ADM, CSS Division