Complete list of employees in Alberta who made the 2017 Sunshine List

Total result: 3,553

$285,877.00 paid in 2016 John Heaney Deputy Minister, PCO
Executive Council
$285,877.00 paid in 2016 Kimberly Armstrong Deputy Minister
Status of Women
$285,877.00 paid in 2016 Lana Lougheed Public Service Commissioner
Treasury Board and Finance
$285,877.00 paid in 2016 Curtis Clarke Deputy Minister of Education
$285,877.00 paid in 2016 Barry Day Deputy Minister, Trans
$285,877.00 paid in 2016 Shannon A.J. Marchand Deputy Minister
Seniors and Housing
$285,877.00 paid in 2016 Ernie Hui Special Advisor Water Quality
Environment and Parks
$285,877.00 paid in 2016 Bradley Pickering Deputy Minister
Municipal Affairs
$285,877.00 paid in 2016 Beverly Yee Deputy Minister
Agriculture and Forestry
$285,877.00 paid in 2016 Kenneth Andre Corbould Deputy Minister of Env. & Park
Environment and Parks
$262,787.00 paid in 2016 Jeff Parr Deputy Minister
$250,211.00 paid in 2016 Karen Margaret Grimsrud Chief Medical Officer of Healt
$242,069.00 paid in 2016 Ron Hoffmann AB Snr Rep for Asia Pacific
Economic Development and Trade
$233,277.00 paid in 2016 Stanley H Rutwind ADM Consult and Land Claims
Indigenous Relations
$230,466.00 paid in 2016 Conrad Garry Pocock Associate Deputy Minister, IGR
Executive Council
$228,019.00 paid in 2016 Shannon L Flint Deputy Minister, Infra.
$227,537.00 paid in 2016 Martin John Chamberlain Senior ADM,Ministry Ops & FCS
$224,138.00 paid in 2016 Brian Topp Chief of Staff, Premier Office
Executive Council
$223,651.00 paid in 2016 Christine Couture Snr ADM, Leadership Talent Dev
Treasury Board and Finance
$220,445.00 paid in 2016 Lowell Epp ADM, Treasury Management
Treasury Board and Finance
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2017 Sunshine List: top earners

Every year Alberta government publishes its annual Sunshine List of public sector servants, which includes nurses, teachers, police officers, and firefighters, with six-figure salaries. In Alberta, 3,551 staffers made the list this year, earning a total salary of $465,756,498.00 in 2016.

At the top of the Sunshine List

Topping the list for Alberta was Assist Chief Medical Examiner Tera Jones who brought home $383,143.00 in 2016.

Following Tera Jones was Assist Chief Medical Examiner Bamidele Adeagbo, who had annual earnings of $383,143.00. Asst Chief Med. Examiner Bernard Bannach made $383,143.00, Deputy Chief Med Examiner Elizabeth Brooks-Lim made $383,143.00 and Assist Chief Medical Examiner Mitchell Weinberg round out the top-five highest-paid employees with $383,018.00 for the Alberta 2017 Sunshine List.

Breaking down the numbers

Among the 3,551 Alberta's employees, who received more than six-figure salaries 985 received earnings between $100,000 and $110,000 followed by 1,841 who received between $110,001 and $150,000 , 639 received between $150,001 and $200,000 , 54 received between $200,001 and $250,000 , 16 received between $250,001 and $300,000 , 16 received over $300,000 at Alberta.

For a complete list of public sector employees who made the 2017 Sunshine List, go to Sunshine List 2017 Employees List. If you wish to analyse the list by employer go to Sunshine List 2017 Employers List.

The Sunshine List

Alberta first started publishing the Sunshine List in 2014 following the 2012 election of Alison Redford.

The salary and severance disclosure, makes Alberta's public sector more open and accountable to taxpayers. The act requires organizations that receive public funding from the Province of Alberta to make public the names, positions, salaries and total taxable benefits of employees paid $100,000 or more in the previous calendar year.


All information presented in this website is based exclusively off the publicly released sunshine lsit available for download by the Government of each province: Ontario | British Columbia | Alberta